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UserpicApple's HTTP Adaptive Streaming in Action
Posted by Moxietype

According to the article in the Business Week, the upgrade to the iPhone operating system is going to change user experience with mobile video by utilizing HTTP adaptive streaming:

"HTTP streaming enables publishers to give users a better video experience by employing adaptive streaming techniques, something other players such as Microsoft (MSFT), Adobe Systems (ADBE), Move Networks, and Swarmcast already offer (though Adobe uses a more traditional proprietary real-time streaming protocol to do so, rather than sending chunks of video over standard HTTP like the others). That means that watchers can enjoy a continuous, smooth video experience. The stream intelligently adjusts to the highest quality a viewer can receive at each moment. If the connectivity worsens, a lower-quality stream is substituted without interruption or buffering. (For a more extensive explanation about adaptive streaming, see this subscription-only piece from GigaOM Pro.)"

Clip from "The Workshop"

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UserpicRubert Murdoch Doesn't Want Google to Index News Corp Sites
Posted by Sasha

Rupert Murdoch is looking into ways to block Google from indexing content of the sites owned by News Corp which owns the Times and Sun newspapers in the UK and the New York Post and Wall Street Journal in the US.

He believes that search engines cannot legally use headlines and paragraphs of news stories as search results.

"There's a doctrine called 'fair use', which we believe to be challenged in the courts and would bar it altogether," Mr Murdoch told the TV channel. "But we'll take that slowly." Read more...

UserpicBig Bank Earnings Explained
Posted by Sasha

How did JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs make $6.8 billion in profit last quarter? Very simple. They borrowed money from the US Govt at 0% and then bought bonds from the US Govt that paid 2-3%.

What kind of bonds are they buying? Are they investing the money in American business? "No, they are mostly buying Treasuries." So the money is just being shuffled from one Federal bank account to another, with each Wall Street bank skimming off $1 billion per month for itself? "Pretty much."

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UserpicGoogle Page Turners
Posted by Sasha

Google page turners got caught in action. This is page 471 of The Anglo-American Telegraphic Code book.

Google Page Turner

UserpicMr Eaves
Posted by Sasha

Emigre has released a sans serif companion for Mrs Eaves, Mr Eaves. In my opinion it is a fantastic contribution to visual clutter along with Mrs Eaves, Apollo, Arbitrary, Backspacer, Base 9 and 12, Base Monospace, Big Cheese, Blockhead, etc.

Mr 1

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UserpicUniversity of iTunes
Posted by Moxietype

Leading business schools including University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Fuqua School of Business, and Yale School of Management make course content available for download through iTunes University (iTunes U), part of the of the iTunes online store. Read more...

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Userpic«Paranormal Activity» Movie Fills Marketers with Dread
Posted by Sasha

The new independent horror movie "Paranormal Activity" could be filling movie studio marketing departments with dread. According to Variety the film budget was very low at $11,000, and yet managed to make $7.1 million over the weekend. "Using a campaign of limited showings, social media and word-of-mouth fan buzz, the film has managed to become a breakout hit without the aid of a glitzy marketing campaign -- or even a traditional movie trailer." full story

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UserpiciPod in the Classroom
Posted by Moxietype

At France's leading business school, HEC Paris, students are taking the idea of iPods in the classroom a step further, with what associate dean Valerie Gauthier describes as "technology in the pipeline that will set the standard for the use of quality education tools". As part of an exclusive partnership with Apple, the school issues students with the latest iPod Touch loaded with dedicated browsing software and podcasts. They can then preview courses from a browser menu, and put together a personalised programme to review at their leisure. "Millennials are accustomed to receiving the exact information they want, when and where they want it," says Gauthier. "The podcast of tutorials gives them all the information for review whenever they want."

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UserpicThe Competition to Save Newspapers Online
Posted by Moxietype

The competition to save newspapers online heats up, with Google being the front runner.

It is hard to tell what payoff would go to the winning technology provider, says Gordon, nor is it even known who would own the content. There is also the question of whether the various pay-for-content ideas would fly with consumers. Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently told British broadcasting executives that charging for online content won't work except for niche and specialist markets. Consumer surveys tend to support those doubts. A Belden Interactive survey released in mid-September found that computer users who said they'd pay for news online would shell out an average of only $4.64 a month, while 47% of the group surveyed said they wouldn't pay anything.

UserpicTurritopsis nutricula
Posted by Sasha

"The Hydrozoan species Turritopsis nutricula is capable of cycling from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again. This means that there may be no natural limit to its life span."

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