UserpicHow Scientology Works
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The test is conducted by The Auditor. The subject is Preclear. You can read full list of questions and answers here. This makes me want to watch now PT Anderson’s 2012 film The Master.

  1. Do you make thoughtless remarks or accusations which later you regret?
  2. When others are getting rallied, do you remain fairly composed?
  3. Do you browse through railway timetables, directories, or dictionaries just for pleasure?
  4. When asked to make a decision, would you be swayed by your like or dislike of the personality involved?
  5. Do you intend two or less children in your family even though your health and income will permit more?
  6. Do you get occasional twitches of your muscles, when there is no logical reason for it? Read the rest of this story »

UserpicWatch Random You Tube Videos With Almost No Views
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Probably the best the web has to offer: watch random You Tube videos with almost no views.

These videoscome from YouTube. They were uploaded in the last week and have titles like DSC 1234 and IMG 4321. They have almost zero previous views. They are unnamed, unedited, and unseen by anyone but YOU.


UserpicBarcelona in Black and White
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barcelona graffiti
Graffiti in Barcelona's Born district. Photo taken on Rolleiflex 2.8f with Zeiss Planar lens on Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

UserpicSesimbra, Portugal
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view from the hotel do mar

View from the hotel Do Mar, Sesimbra.

view on the sea from hotel do mar

View from the Hotel Do Mar, Sesimbra.

old fishing boats in sesimbra

Old fishing boats in Sesimbra.

fishing boats in sesimbra

Old fishing boats in Sesimbra.

old tires

A pile of old tires.

hotel do mar stairs

Hotel Do Mar, Sesimbra.

As one can see most photos have marks from what appears to be dirty rollers at the processing machine at the lab that I used. Needless to say, I am now going to pay twice the amount to develop all film in 'dip and dunk' process method as the carnage which is bound to happen by low cost and quality lab is not worth the saved money. Photos taken on Rolleiflex 2.8F with Carl Zeiss lens on Kodak Porta 400 film.

UserpicBikes of Amsterdam
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photo of bikes of amsterdam

photo of bike in amsterdam

photo of bicycle in amsterdam

Photos of bikes in Amsterdam. Photo taken on Rolleiflex 2.8 F on Kodak Porta 400.

UserpicCity in Motion
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amsterdam in motion

Amsterdam, Oude Spiegelstraat. Photo taken on Rolleiflex 2.8F on Kodak Porta 400 film.

UserpicAmsterdam, Herrengracht
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amsterdam photo herrengracht

amsterdam photo canal herrengracht

amsterdam straussvouigel restarurant

4th color layer which is proprietary to Fujicolor PRO 400H, captures a true to nature eerie light of Amsterdam. Notably the file size of digital scan of the negative is about 2.5 times larger than from Kodak Porta under the same settings. Photo is taken on Rolleiflex 2.8F with Carl Zeiss lens.

UserpicLisbon Light
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light in lisbon

Streets of Bairro Alto, Lisbon. Taken on Rolleiflex 2.8f with Carl Zeiss lens. Kodak Ektar film.

There is something unique about the light in Lisbon on a sunny day.

UserpicLisbon Cathedral
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lisbon cathedral

statue in lisbon cathedral

Photos of old cloisters at Lisbon Cathedral taken on Rolleiflex 2.8F with Carl Zeiss Planar lens.

Inside gothic arches extend to the faulted ceilings and medieval statues and decorative alters fill the alcoves. To the rear of the Sé are the ancient cloisters, which were constructed directly on top of a ruined mosque and symbolically confirmed the 13th century Catholic conquest of Portugal from the North African Moors. The Se Cathedral is a wonderful ancient complex that is steeped in history and no holiday to Lisbon is complete without visiting this magnificent monument.

Movies, Photography
UserpicThe B-Side
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photography of Dorfman

The film is about photographer Elsa Dorfman, who is known for her use of the large-format Polaroid 20" x 24" camera. According to the description on the New York film festival site:

Errol Morris's surprising new film is simplicity itself: a visit to the Cambridge, Massachusetts studio of his friend, the 20x24 Polaroid portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman, who specifies on her website that she likes her subjects "to wear clothes (and to bring toys, skis, books, tennis racquets, musical instruments, and particularly pets...)." As this charming, articulate, and calmly uncompromising woman takes us through her fifty-plus years of remarkable but fragile images of paying customers, commissioned subjects, family, and close friends (including the poet Allen Ginsberg), the sense of time passing grows more and more acute. This is a masterful film.


Userpic10 k running route
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UserpicThe Concept of Beauty is Overrated
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historic fireplace

Having come into possession of a similarly dilapidated property with much less grandeur I found this article inspiring. I now want to watch all of his films.

UserpicEndurance Workouts Protect Against DNA Damage
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Telomeric repeat–containing RNA (TERRA), which is transcribed from telomeres, emerged as important player in telomere integrity. However, how human telomere transcription is regulated is still largely unknown. We identify nuclear respiratory factor 1 and peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor γ coactivator 1α as regulators of human telomere transcription. In agreement with an upstream regulation of these factors by adenosine 5′-monophosphate (AMP)–activated protein kinase (AMPK), pharmacological activation of AMPK in cancer cell lines or in normal nonproliferating myotubes up-regulated TERRA, thereby linking metabolism to telomere fitness. Cycling endurance exercise, which is associated with AMPK activation, increased TERRA levels in skeletal muscle biopsies obtained from 10 healthy young volunteers. The data support the idea that exercise may protect against aging.

Read the study on Science Magazine

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According to the latest study, which was published in January in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise:

exercising strenuously in the afternoon, depriving yourself of carbohydrates afterward, training gently the next morning and then swallowing a mound of pancakes might be a useful way to improve endurance and performance. The regimen seemed to have increased the athletes’ ability to access fat as muscle fuel, she said, allowing them to exercise harder during the workouts than the control group and gain additional fitness and speed.

Banksy Art
Banksy Art: "I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit."

Banksy mocked Sotheby's and its clients in one work showing a packed sales room bidding for the framed words "I can't believe you morons actually buy this shit".





Word of the Week
UserpicPerlen vor die Säue werfen
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Word of the Day:

Perlen vor die Säue werfen


Per·len vor die Säue wer·fen


IPA: [ˈpɛʁlən foːɐ̯ diː ˈzɔɪ̯ə ˈvɛʁfn̩], [ˈpɛʁlən foːɐ̯ diː ˈzɔɪ̯ə ˈvɛʁfm̩]
Hörbeispiele: Lautsprecherbild Perlen vor die Säue werfen (Info), —


[1] umgangssprachlich: demjenigen etwas (Gutes, Edles, Schönes) bieten, der dies nicht zu schätzen weiß

Banksy Mural at School

Street artist Banksy left a surprise "present" at school in Bristol. Head teacher has no plans to sell the mural and thinks it is a wonderful addition.

A fascinating new study reveals that different cultures view smiles differently. Be careful to not smile in Russia as you will be viewed as a village idiot.

Smiles are highly diverse in their types and in their possible meanings. They are used to communicate a range of different psychological signals, including positive emotions, social intentions, or a person’s social status (Matsumoto and Willingham 2009). Past research has offered a number of distinctions among smiles. The utility of one of the most popular distinctions, viz. Duchenne versus non-Duchenne smiles (Duchenne1862), has been recently questioned because there is evidence that the use of the Duchenne marker of a ‘true’ smile is not universal, but rather limited to certain cultures (Abe et al. 2002; Thibault et al. 2012). In their simulation of smiles model, Niedenthal et nl. (2010) focus on the perception of smiles and suggest that the distinction between Duchenne and non-Duchenne smiles may be largely superseded by a distinction based on the functions of smiles, which may be derived from (and mapped onto) identifiable brain systems that represent different meanings of smiling.

There is also a direct correlation between countries high in corruption and general view of the smiles.

UserpicHuman Sticky Car Hood Patent Filed by Google
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Yesterday, according to Gizmodo, Google was awarded a patent that proposes placing a strong adhesive on the hood of its autonomous cars. This way, pedestrians or cyclists who happen to find themselves being struck by a Googlemobile would be protected from what’s called “secondary impact.” This is the part of a crash when a person is thrown back off the moving vehicle, usually hitting the roof of the car, the hard surface of the street, or another car. It’s also the part that often causes the most serious injuries.