UserpicLisbon Cathedral
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lisbon cathedral
statue in lisbon cathedral

Photos of old cloisters at Lisbon Cathedral taken on Rolleiflex 2.8F with Carl Zeiss Planar lens.

UserpicHow Trees Talk To Each Other
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The evidence was clear. The C-13 and C-14 was showing me that paper birch and Douglas fir were in a lively two-way conversation. It turns out at that time of the year, in the summer, that birch was sending more carbon to fir than fir was sending back to birch, especially when the fir was shaded. And then in later experiments, we found the opposite, that fir was sending more carbon to birch than birch was sending to fir, and this was because the fir was still growing while the birch was leafless. So it turns out the two species were interdependent, like yin and yang.

UserpicHigher Unemployment Saves Lives
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About 5,000 fewer people die every year in auto accidents for each 1 percentage point increase in U.S. unemployment because downturns keep dangerous drivers off the road.

Read full article on Bloomberg

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UserpicThe B-Side
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photography of Dorfman

The film is about photographer Elsa Dorfman, who is known for her use of the large-format Polaroid 20" x 24" camera. According to the description on the New York film festival site:

Errol Morris's surprising new film is simplicity itself: a visit to the Cambridge, Massachusetts studio of his friend, the 20x24 Polaroid portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman, who specifies on her website that she likes her subjects "to wear clothes (and to bring toys, skis, books, tennis racquets, musical instruments, and particularly pets...)." As this charming, articulate, and calmly uncompromising woman takes us through her fifty-plus years of remarkable but fragile images of paying customers, commissioned subjects, family, and close friends (including the poet Allen Ginsberg), the sense of time passing grows more and more acute. This is a masterful film.


UserpicJulie Taymor's Eye-Popping Take on Classic
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“The director who redefined spectacle on Broadway… has now given New York a Midsummer Night’s Dream that doesn’t so much reach for the heavens as roll around in them, with joyous but calculated abandon… For Ms. Taymor, the sky is not the limit. It’s a supple canvas to be stretched and bent to the whims of the imagination. Her eye-popping take on the canon’s most enchanted comedy… confirms Ms. Taymor’s reputation as the cosmic P. T. Barnum of contemporary stagecraft… This Dream exists… as a glittering necklace of breathtaking moments... [and] when the moments are this beautiful, they take root in your mind and assume lives of their own. Don’t be surprised when they start showing up in your own dreams. The ingeniously mixed music of Elliot Goldenthal ranges from anxious jazz riffs to sustained, ethereal lullabies.” 


Visit the Julie Taymor's Dream website to learn more

Userpic10 k running route
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UserpicThe Concept of Beauty is Overrated
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historic fireplace

Having come into possession of a similarly dilapidated property with much less grandeur I found this article inspiring. I now want to watch all of his films.

UserpicEndurance Workouts Protect Against DNA Damage
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Telomeric repeat–containing RNA (TERRA), which is transcribed from telomeres, emerged as important player in telomere integrity. However, how human telomere transcription is regulated is still largely unknown. We identify nuclear respiratory factor 1 and peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor γ coactivator 1α as regulators of human telomere transcription. In agreement with an upstream regulation of these factors by adenosine 5′-monophosphate (AMP)–activated protein kinase (AMPK), pharmacological activation of AMPK in cancer cell lines or in normal nonproliferating myotubes up-regulated TERRA, thereby linking metabolism to telomere fitness. Cycling endurance exercise, which is associated with AMPK activation, increased TERRA levels in skeletal muscle biopsies obtained from 10 healthy young volunteers. The data support the idea that exercise may protect against aging.

Read the study on Science Magazine

UserpicLa Dolce Vita
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La Dolce Vita, passion for yachts, sea and good time made an unknown Italian businessman an overnight sensation in Russia collecting thousands of new followers on his Instagram account and millions of Likes.

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